Cynthia: I Was Glad to See Her Go

Cynthia Bailey shares her thoughts on Kim Zolciak-Biermann dismissing her comments. What did you think when Kim tried to dismiss your comments?
Cynthia Bailey: I didn’t think anything. That’s what Kim does. She talks crap about everyone, and when she is called out on it, she tries to dismiss you or pretend it was a joke. Or a compliment, LOL! What went through your mind when Kim left the stage?
Nothing. I was glad to see her go. She is obviously happier and a better fit for her OWN show, so that’s where she should stay. I wish her well. What did you do after the reunion?
Went to have drinks and food with NeNe. I always look forward to the reunion, however it is always mentally exhausting. After I left NeNe, I went to Lake Bailey and passed out.

Go behind the scenes at the #RHOA reunion:

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